Don't Miss Out on the Local Attractions

Discover popular Adirondack destinations and local eateries in Glenfield, NY

There's so much to do when you visit Stay Otter Creek. If you're looking for popular Adirondack destinations in Glenfield, NY, we've got you covered. While you're in the area, hike up the 1.9-mile Stillwater Mountain Trail to enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the Stillwater Fire Tower. Afterward, dine outside, overlooking a serene reservoir at Stillwater Restaurant.

If hiking's not your thing, consider renting a kayak or taking a Norridgewock River Boat Tour. This excursion will take you on a guided 7-mile tour of Stillwater Reservoir before stopping for lunch at Norridgewock Restaurant.

Looking for a place to shop? The Stillwater Shop has an Adirondack gift shop you're guaranteed to love.

Old Forge is only a 40 minute day trip away as well to explore!

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Get a bite to eat while you're in town

When you go on horse back vacation, do you look forward to enjoying mouthwatering food that you can't get back home? While you're staying with us, be sure to visit our local eateries.

You won't want to miss out on:

A cheesy pie from Vinny's Pizzeria
A sizzlin' fajita from jeb's Restaurant
A scoop of sweet ice cream from Good Ol' Wishy's
A seasoned Chuck Wagon burger from Pioneer Cafe
A hearty steak and potato bowl from Gary's Restaurant
A char-grilled pesto salmon from River Valley Inn Restaurant
A specialty crab cake sandwich from the Pine Tree Inn Restaurant

Vacation in Glenfield, NY to try a different local eatery every night.